KML Lip Scrubs

KML Lip Scrubs

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These lip scrubs are amazing. They exfoliate the dead skin buildup from your lips. The combination of the oil blend and sugar which naturally retain moisture from the environment into the skin. Leaving your lips smooth and moist.I recommend exfoliating your lips one to two times per week for sensitive lips, and two to three times per week for normal lips. Always do a spot skin test before using product.

****Update the Rosette scrub is no longer colored ***
  • Instructions

    1. Wet your lips with a little water to soften any dry skin

    2. Apply a dime size of KML Lip Scrub and rub on lips.

    3. You can use your finger or cotton swab gently rub over your lips in small circles

    4. Rinse and wipe off any excess product with a clean tissue.


    Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil, Flavoring(lemon) Essential oil in Rosette: Lavender & Lemon drop: Lemon. Asali Brown Suga: Essential Oil: Tahitian Vanilla. In Asali Brown Suga contains Organic Honey & Organic Pure Brown Sugar.