KML Cosmetics gets Skin Deep

I never knew how important skin care was until my skin started to change and I was getting into makeup. I just could not understand why my skin was so oily. Then my pores looked sooo big. I would just wash my face with a bar of soap, that's is. My skin was screaming at me. On top of the neglect I found out I have eczema and of all places it flares up on my face. Can you imagine I'm a grown woman getting diagnosed with eczema. I never experienced anything like this. My son has eczema so I have a newfound understanding. To be honest that is what started my naturalist journey. The medicine I was prescribed just did not work. I was still itchy and it was getting worst. I started my research on natural oils to relieve and stop the flare.

KML Cosmetics it's not only about natural makeup but we want to get skin deep. Not only can you beat your face but take care of your skin. Wearing makeup should be a form of art not a coverup. If KML Cosmetics can help your journey to healthy skin, we will take that responsibility. So I started using these products all year. Due to COVID I wasn't wearing makeup like I use to so i had no choice but to focus on my skin. To start We have Face It facial oil (rose hip, grapeseed, jojoba, & tamanu oil). Soft Glow Toner which is a green tea-hyaluronic acid toner, and Quench Facial Moisturizer which is a Jojoba-hyaluronic acid moisturizer. Everything in this line is natural and organic perfect for any skin type especially for men and women.

Face It face oil have Tamanu oil, Rose hip oil, grapeseed oil is lightweight, healing benefits it perfect for any skin types. Tamanu oil is the star of this show. If you haven't heard about it, I suggest you should. Tamanu oil is perfect to helps with skin conditions such as acne, rashes, and other irritations such as insect bites, sores, and eczema. Tamanu oil has a number of properties that can help skin wounds heal faster, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production.

Soft Glow Toner main ingredients are Green tea which act as an astringent which shrinks pores. Green tea also helps to reduce the production of sebum by the glands in each pore.Green Tea is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. It has helped many people with psoriasis type skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the perfect moisture builder without unnecessary oil.

Quench Face Moisturizer has Hyaluronic Acid that delivers high yields of moisture without being greasy. Leaves skin soft, supple and dewy feeling. The moisturizer is a thinner cream that sinks in the skin. May be used morning and night by both women and men.

I hope everyone find these products as beneficial as I do. And don't think for one second KML Cosmetics is changing gears away from cosmetics. We will be add new products soon. I appreciate all we has been with us since day 1 and trusting KML.

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