What is KML Cosmetics?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I have always wanted to have my own lipstick and I always let fear hold me back. What inspired this dream? My lips of course! My lips have always been my best asset. I spent countless money on Lip products. Some were good and some were not. And I always made sure I took care of my lips. Because your lips are on your face. When you meet someone they notice your eyes and your lips and teeth.

KML Cosmetics will have everything you need to maintain your beautiful lips and more. The collections starts off with Lip Gloss and Liquid Lipstick (Matte & Velvet). Soon we will have The Lip Care Line which will include Lip Scrub, Lip Oil and Lip balm. We have to make sure all my KML boss babes are straight out here in these streets.

I have great plans for this cosmetic line and I hope you trust me that I will bring nothing but the best for you. I want KML to make you feel empowered, beautiful, invincible and most of all SEXY! Kiss Me Like you love me!, Kiss Me Like you want me!, Kiss Me Like like I'm your everything!

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